Maine Sustainable Transport

Transportation methods are evolving with every passing day. Technological advancements have made it possible to develop sustainable options. Economic, social and environmental sustainability are the main factors that are usually considered by manufacturers. Because of present day mechanisms, efficiency and effectiveness have been improved greatly. The goal is usually to reduce damage to the environment will facilitating proper execution of underlying tasks. The issue of affordability is also a matter of great concern. It is cheaper to use public means of transport.\

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Balancing between affordability and sustainability

In the best case scenario, a balance will be struck between the need for cheap fare and the demand for unbeatable efficiency. If it is possible to save money while conserving the environment, society will benefit in more than one way. The benefits of good infrastructure will be evident in every facet of society. The success of any business depends on whether it is affordable to move from one area to another. The owner of a business that deals with Birmingham venue hire will maximize profitability if ease of mobility is the order of the day.

Public transportation Vs private transport

In general, it is cheaper and more sustainable to transport many people at once than everyone owning a car. A city where residents are only allowed to travel by bus and other public means, will have less congestion. The social costs of traffic jams make it necessary for government authorities to regulate the number of automobiles that should be on the road at any moment in time.

A bus uses less fuel per passenger compared with the case of a private vehicle. Also, because bus drivers are individuals who are well trained, the probability of accidents occurring will be reduced by a great percentage. A large auto will carry many people during each trip.

Electric trains

Trains that are powered by electricity are sustainable from an environmental standpoint. They also have social and economic benefits. The amount to be paid as train fare will be more than three times cheaper the sum that will be used to fuel a car that will cover the same distance as a train. It makes a lot of sense to commute to and from work using train if a city has a well developed rail network.

Green automobiles

The current fad in the world of transport is green vehicles. These cars are being championed as the automobiles of the future since they will facilitate cost reduction and environmental conservation. A hybrid car makes use of internal combustion engine combined with electric technology. Therefore, it is more fuel efficient than other options. Popularity of electric vehicles will facilitate reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.


If one basically travels over short distances, the most sustainable option will be cycling. A bike is human powered therefore it does not require any form of fuel. Cycling makes it possible to save money, conserve environment and facilitate body fitness.

The issue of transportation sustainability has been the subject of debate for many decades. Scientists have dedicated many hours towards improving automobile mechanisms. 21st century developments and innovations such as electric cars have greatly revolutionized the way people travel.